Campbellville Pharmacy

COVID-19 Vaccines – Appointments Now Available

First dose appointments are available for those 40 and older (born on or before 1981). For second dose appointments, please do not call. We will contact you when supply is available.
Please be ready to provide full name, date of birth and a contact phone number.

COVID-19 testing is not offered at our pharmacy.

Prescription Services
  • prompt reliable filling while you wait
  • experienced knowledgeable counselling
  • medication disposal service

  • over-the-counter medications
  • vitamins and nutritional supplements
  • sports supports & wraps
  • adult incontinence products
  • home health care products
  • stationary and greeting cards
  • OLG lottery terminal
  • UPS drop off centre
  • reading glasses and sunglasses
  • injection certified pharmacist providing safe painless professional injection.
  • must allow temperature scan before getting any injection service
  • annual free flu shots by appointment
  • travel vaccination and other prescribed and non-prescribed injection service at small charge